Tuesday, 30 September 2014


I've been loving alot of different face masks lately, mainly hydrating masks because my skin is fairly dry and I tend to get patches around my face where my skin becomes tighter. In the past they have been more budget, purse friendly face masks but I've wanted to try Clinique's Moisture Surge Range since it was released because it's had such rave reviews. 

The Mask itself is by far the best moisture, hydrating mask I've used so far. Despite the price I've seen more instant changes in my skin from this than I have from any other mask in the past. It's a pink-y/white gel type cream, very similar in colour and texture to the Moisture Surge Face Cream. Very hydrating and sinks in almost immediately leaving a light, hydrating film over my skin once everything has sunk in. Once I applied it before bed and let it sink in and I wake up with smooth, dewy skin. Usually when I wake up my skin is quite irritable with a few dry patches dotted around but after using this mask before bed there was none of this, my skin felt so soft and plump. My fave face mask so far!

Monday, 29 September 2014



Autumn is in full swing and it's finally here, leaves are across the ground and the mild weather and darker nights and settled in. I'm slowly adding more and more to my so called 'imaginary' list but I needed something in concrete so I could focus more. Some of these items/products have been on my list or even in my mind for a while, a good few months anyway and others I've just stumbled across and thought they'd be great and a perfect staple piece to take me through to the new year.

I probably have a longer beauty wishlist than fashion because although I am into fashion I tend to pick up a new piece here and there whereas when it comes to beauty, if there's a new launch I have to have it or if a blogger has boasted about how good a product is I have to get my hands on it. I find it easier to blog about beauty as well because that's what I'm most interested in and what I find comes quite simple although you never know things may change, as they always do... 

On the other hand, I shall must update my wardrobe through the different seasons, because of my recent holiday my wardrobe seems to be 3/4 full of summer clothes that I just can't wear here. I may get away with them if there's another heatwave sometime soon but I highly doubt that, so for Autumn/Winter weather I need more clothes, more suitable clothes. Any Excuse to go shopping, this one isn't an excuse though! 

Sunday, 28 September 2014



This Month I've been loving a far few new products, I just couldn't help myself. I have spent most of this month away from home on holiday but this give me a chance to use specific products that I wouldn't normally use at home. I also took a few new beauty buys away with me as well as picking some up in the Duty Free, of course!

The MAC 217 Blending Brush I wrote about in my Favourite Five Brushes and this one is an instant favourite of mine and will be for a long time. It's so easy to use, packs everything on with no fall out and there's no fuss when it comes to washing it.

MAC lipstick in Creme Cup, I am in love with this colour. It's a beautiful, understated pink tone that's a your lips but better colour. It's the same tone and shade as my own lips so this only makes them look fuller and plumper. Applies seemlessly, doesn't dry out my lips or flake through the day. 

Tom Ford Velvet Orchid is my favourite perfume and will be for a very long time, you can't go wrong with Tom Ford. The scent isn't overpowering or sickly and lingers for a long time without  having to continually re-spray wasting the perfume. I love this, I mean LOVE.

The Collection Work the Colour Nude Eye Palette I recently posted about here, for the price I paid I never expected so much from this. The shadows are so creamy and last so long, they apply and pack on beautifully, really long lasting without any fall out and there's no glitter!

Bourjois Highlighter and Bronzer in one is a product I'll always take away with me, especially when. It's so easy to use, smells fantastic and the products apply so naturally. Again they blend beautifully and look so natural and flawless on the skin, I can only say great things about Bourjois. 

Rimmel Blush in Santa Rose, a very understated cult beauty product. This blush is so gorgeous on the skin and applies only as if it's your own skin flushing. It's a very subtle yet buildable blush and  you can never go over board, although it is buildable it's very hard to apply too much. 

Simple Illuminating Radiance Face Cream is something I've been using constantly since around August time, so not long enough to tell a difference but long enough to know whether my skin likes it or not. This is so moisturising and soothing but it's so simple, as the name suggests. 
It adds radiance to your skin, a little sheen without making you look like a disco ball from the 80's.

Thursday, 25 September 2014


We all have our favourites brushes we can't let go of, even when we really should. Although coming to the realisation as to which brushes are your favourite takes some time, I've been collecting brushes over the past few years.

FACE: The BareMinerals Full Flawless Face Brush is something I'll never part with, I already have a few back-ups at the ready. The packaging is so simple and sleek, it's easy to wash and dries super quickly. The bristles are so soft and buff my powdered products in perfectly, when I use them with a liquid foundation I tend to have a few hairs stuck to my face, slightly awkward...

The Real Techniques Blush Brush is a CULT make-up brush that can be used for several different things. Foundation, Blusher, Bronzer - you name it, this has probably already done it!
It blends everything in effortlessly, with no fall out from the product or the bristles on the brush. What I love the most is how long the handle is which makes it easier to grip when you're buffing products into the skin. 

The Real Techniques Contour Brush is part of the Core Collection and I use this more for concealer just because of the domed end which is good for getting into the corner of your eyes. It's so soft and blends concealer in so seamlessly. 

EYES: If you've read my recent Duty Free you'll see I finally got my hands on the MAC 217 Blending Brush and all I can say is Wow, where have I been! This is perfect for Eyeshadow and I've been using this non-stop, I'll use any excuse just to use it.  This makes eyeshadow look flawless because it packs everything on, with no fall out and blends perfectly.

Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush is another budget favourite of mine, it's easy to use, no hassle or fuss. There's no fall out from the brush and I love how each different set of brushes come in different colours so they're alot easier to identify. This brush packs everything on, blends beautifully and you can use this either with shadows or concealer due to the rounded end it has compared to other flatter, thicker eyeshadow brushes.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014


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I'm sure you could of guessed this was coming, I just had to do this post as I was away. It's a must when someone goes away as I am fairly nosey, I say fairly. What's in my beach bag? It's pretty typical of a standard beach bag, similar to what you'd put in.

Sandals of course have to be Havaiana's just because they're so comfy and durable, easy to wear and don't tear my feet apart. I mentioned in a previous post I was reading The Rivers of London, still plodding along slowly but surely I'm getting there. River Island Sunglasses, (from the mens section of course) these ones are really comfy and stylish and go with any outfit I wear.

Of course there's my staple and well loved Palmer's Cocoa Butter, for when I'm lacking a little moisture, perfect for when you want hydration quick and easy. An SPF Lip Balm, I can't leave home without one because the last thing I want is dry, burnt lips whilst I'm away. Simple Radiance Cream is what I've recently switched to, my skin is loving it and I'll be reviewing this beauty further down the line. A standard Primark Beach Towel and lastly Piz Buin which can never do any wrong, I always use this stuff and swear by it every holiday, I slowly work myself down the SPF Ladder from 30 to 10.